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Clean-Cut Hub, Cutter, and Die Systems

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Ever Extruder was built on a simple premise.

To constantly improve the process with new technology that delivers added value to the customer.  Our flasgship entry solution, the Ever Extruder Hub, Cutter and Die system delivers on that premise.  Patented, quick change Hubs, combined with our exclusive design double sided, Tungsten Carbide treated cutting blades and our Tungsten Carbide treated Die systems, delivers a solution that will increase your PPH, uptime and product consistency.



Improves sanitation control with super clean, sleek design.


Hub Drive System ELIMINATES individual blades and adjustment bolts.


Achieve consistent set-ups by ANY operator, ANY time, in minutes!


Reduces downtime due to equipment servicing, maintenance, and set up.






6-Blade to 30-blade configurations to accommodate any product’s requirements.


Set up Cutters in one minute on

any shift!


Cuts clean, does not chop, eliminates tails and fines.


Reversible design makes them the smart, economical choice.


Knife can be easily re-sharpened for extended production life.


Provide outstanding wear life and superior sanitation control.





Diamond-Hard-Carbide die cavity shape accurately retains its size for long production performance.


Eliminates downstream die wash preventing fines and tails.


Final product is precisely CUT, not CHOPPED for consistent high quality product.


Ever Extruder Die, Cutter and Hub combination provide better product and lower costs.



Client Testimonials


20 years of experience designing and manufacturing revolutionary extruder technologies.  Our team of design engineers was tasked with creating a new revolutionary design for cutting blades and die assemblies, back in 1997.  Out of that research, our patented quick change Hubs, Cutters and Dies, and Sanitary Seal Systems have helped our customers see real improvements in productivity, uptime and sanitation.




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