Add Ever Extruder Dies for a Complete Clean-Cut System

Ever Extruder DieYou’ve read below about Ever Extruder’s Clean-Cut Cutter Knives and Hub assemblies. The final piece of a complete Ever Extruder Clean-Cut Hub, Cutter, and Die System is an Ever Extruder Die. Ever Extruder can customize any die plate, and the Carbide die cavity shape retains its size for years. This eliminates downstream die wash and prevents fines and tails. Ever Extruder’s system ensures that the final product is precisely CUT and not chopped, for a consistent, high-quality product. Contact Ever Extruder today at 636-937-8830!

Ever Extruder’s Clean-Cut Cutter Knives Are the Smart Choice

Ever Extruder Quick Clean CutterEver Extruder is leading the way in extruder technology with quality, innovation, and performance, and our EEX Clean-Cut Cutter Knives are a prime example. Ever Extruder’s Clean-Cut Cutter Knives can be configured to accommodate any production requirements or sizes, from 6 to 30 blades. The Clean-Cut Cutter Knives, which can be set up or changed in about one minute, cut clean instead of chopping, eliminating tails and fines. The EEX Knives are designed and built for long and consistent performance, especially when paired with the EEX Dies. The reversible EEX designs make them the smart and economical choice, and the blades can be easily re-sharpened. Ever Extruder’s Clean-Cut Cutter Knives are the ideal choice for outstanding wear life and cutting performance. For more information, call Ever Extruder today at 636-937-8830.

Ever Extruder Clean-Cut Hub System Reduces Downtime and Improves Sanitation Control

The Ever Extruder Clean-Cut Hub Systems are designed to improve EEX CLEAN CUT HUBsanitation control and provide a high quality finish-cut product, with less fines, tails, and scrap. The Cutter System improves sanitation control with a super clean, sleek design, and allows for cutter speed control by offering cutter configurations with a wide range of blade counts. The Self-Tensioning Hub System eliminates individual blades and adjustment bolts to help achieve consistent set-ups by ANY USER, ANY TIME, IN SECONDS. The system reduces downtime due to equipment servicing, maintenance, and set-up, and will also reduce your inventory needs. Contact Ever Extruder today for a free consultation! Call 636-937-8830 or visit

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Ever Extruder Rear Seal Systems Improve Sanitation Control and Protects Equipment  

The Ever Extruder Rear Seal System continues to provide excellent performance and sanitation control after more than 10 years.  This system is used to upgrade and improve existing single screw extruder systems, and is included as standard equipment on a complete Ever Extruder system.  The shine of the stainless steel housing and Inlet Barrel help keep the extruder room looking good, but the internal function and design of the Ever Extruder Rear Seal System continues to work in a harsh environment day after day!

Rear SealThe Ever Extruder Rear Seal System offers the necessary performance and protection for the seals and bearings of the extruder’s power transmission system, with records of service life reaching 4, 5, and sometimes more than 6 years. By preventing raw ingredients (product) from escaping from the extruder behind the inlet, the Rear Seal System provides the sanitation control for the equipment, the extruder room, and the final cooked and cut product.  Stainless Steel and Carbide components provide longer life expectancy and better wear resistance on critical parts of the system, and less replacement part needs on future rebuilds.

Ever Extruder’s systems are available for X165, X185, and X235 series extruders, and are available for bearing housing or direct-drive gearbox systems. The corrosion-resistant stainless steel inlet head is available for the EE-216 (X185) series extruder. For proven solutions and innovative technology, contact Ever Extruder today at 636-937-8830!

Ever Extruder Provides Custom Solutions

EEX CUSTOM SOLUTIONSEver Extruder has revolutionized and redefined technology in the single screw extruder industry, and our team is ready to help you. Our engineers will visit your plant and provide a free consultation. Ever Extruder offers low-risk value-based hub, cutter and die systems that provide immediate results for customers. We can implement Ever Extruder technology to your existing equipment to help improve sanitation, safety, and efficiency. We provide high-performance upgrades for existing single screw machines, precisely installed by our experienced engineers. Ever Extruder’s Carbide wear protection on screws, dies, and other critical parts reduces downtime. To see how the Ever Extruder team can help you, call 636-937-8830 today!

Ever Extruder Makes Connections at Zoomark International


Ever Extruder’s international team recently exhibited at the Zoomark International Pet Supplies Trade Event in Bologna, Italy. Ever Extruder shared the USA booth with other USA manufacturers and had a busy show. Ever Extruder’s Nigel Lindley and Amir Hanif received inquiries about new installations for companies in several different countries, and learned about exciting new opportunities for Ever Extruder wear parts. Located in the center of the USA Pavilion at the show, Ever Extruder proudly touted the company’s USA manufacturing facilities and made-in-the-USA quality and performance. This was Ever Extruder’s second time exhibiting with Zoomark, and the show was well attended with a global audience. To find out how Ever Extruder’s innovative technologies can work for you, call 636-937-8830.

Ever Extruder Will Bring Its Innovative Technology to Zoomark International

ZOOMARKEver Extruder is proud to bring their industry leading innovations in pet food production to the Zoomark International Pet Supplies Trade Event, May 11-14 in Bologna, Italy. Ever Extruder, THE Industry Leader in innovative extruder technologies, will be exhibiting several new technological breakthroughs at the event! New innovative tungsten carbide wear-resistant dies and cutters, single screw self-adjusting hubs, and an innovative variable flow rear seal system are just a few of the technologies Ever Extruder will be exhibiting to the large international market present at Zoomark. Find the Ever Extruder team at Booth US-33 in Hall 12 to see the future of pet food extrusion technology.

Ever Extruder Among the Best at Petfood Forum

Last week, Ever Extruder was one of 273 companies exhibiting at theEEX BOOTH PFF 2017 25th annual Petfood Forum in Kansas City, Missouri. The Ever Extruder team presented its innovative extruder technologies to the more than 2,700 pet food and pet treat industry professionals in attendance, connecting with existing customers and creating new relationships. If you missed the Petfood Forum but would still like to find out how Ever Extruder can help improve your production environment, contact us today! 
2017 Petfood Forum by the numbers-

  • EEX PFF Booth2,700+: number of total participants in Petfood Forum 2017 (up 69 percent since 2014, the last time the show was held in the Chicago area).
  • 30+: number of countries represented by Petfood Forum participants.
  • 412: number of exhibit booths, representing 273 companies
  • 68: number of new exhibitors to Petfood Forum.

Visit Ever Extruder at the 2017 PetFood Forum!

PFF 2017The Ever Extruder team will be presenting at the Petfood Forum in Kansas City, Missouri this week. Stop by Booth #303 to talk with Alan or Ned about the benefits of Ever Extruder’s systems.


Ever Extruder makes WAVES at Aquaculture America 2017!

Ned Williams and Alan Kirkland at the EVER EXTRUDER booth

Ever Extruder participated in the Aquaculture America 2017 show in San Antonio, Texas, in February. The three-day event featured more than 150 exhibitors and was attended by more than 2,500 people. Ever Extruder representatives discussed industry developments with people from across the country, as well as Egypt, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Africa, and Nigeria. The Ever Extruder display stood out at the show, highlighting all the impressive extruder technologies that our engineering and manufacturing team have developed.  For more information, drop us a line!

Visit us at Aquaculture America 2017 to see Our latest Innovations !

Aquaculture 2017



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