Ever Extruder was built upon the principle that better engineering, creates a better production environment.  Because we believe, and can show, that true innovation and revolution is possible in the extrusion process, we have created a process by which our Phased Approach can be implemented in any environment.


our production

Discovery and


Production and Fabrication

Delivery and Installation

Follow Up and adjustments



Discovery and Consultation


Ever Extruder engineers go through a discovery process of your production environment.


From the discovery Ever Extruder will develop a Phased Approach to your challenge.


Production and Fabrication


Our Fabricating R & D facility will produce prototypes for any custom pieces needed.


Once final design is approved, Ever Extruder’s production department will create finished production pieces.


This is also when / where your existing hardware may be treated for wear resistance.


Delivery and installation


Ever Extruder field engineers will install and test any new equipment, and be with you, every step of the way.


On Site field engineers will walk your personnel through the system, step by step.


Ever Extruder engineers will stay on site through testing runs, to insure the system is operating at maximum efficiency

Follow Up and adjustments.





Follow Up and adjustments


Ever Extruder will do an exhaustive follow up at

pre determined times, to check for any issues.


If any adjustments are needed, a field engineer will be on site to measure the outcome and insure maximum productivity of your system.



Client Testimonials

"Our plant was sharpening approximately 80 of our cutter assemblies a week before changing to your blades.  After 7 months of using the Ever Extruder Cutters, we have only had to send 10 assemblies back to you for sharpening!  These components are unbelievable!”


20 years of experience designing and manufacturing revolutionary extruder technologies.  Our team of design engineers was tasked with creating a new revolutionary design for cutting blades and die assemblies, back in 1997.  Out of that research, our patented quick change Hubs, Cutters and Dies, and Sanitary Seal Systems have helped our customers see real improvements in productivity, uptime and sanitation.




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