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Sanitary Start-Up Discharge Systems

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Sanitary start up and discharging are integral to a safe and optimized extruder system.

Ever Extruder designed and builds  one of the most cost effective Sanitary Start Up and Discharge Systems on the market.  Our proprietary system allows you to adjust cooking and run parameters on the fly with operator friendly controls.


Dial Valve Plate shown in open position

  • Sanitation start-up with product by-pass port.


  • Optimize sheer, cook, and product density in real time.


  • Adjust die restriction and product sheer during production runs.


  • Greater open surface area allows up to 3 times more throughput vs. B.P.V.


  • Safety protection with high pressure activated by-pass port.


  • Die pressure relief for increased operator safety during die change out.


  • Easily coupled Ever Extruder Shaft

       Stabilizer System.


  • Quickly installed, removed, and cleaned.

The Benefits are Clear

SSDS readily installs on the end of existing single screw extruder.

Dial Valve Plate provides fine adjustment for cook, density, and sheer control.

Engineered functional, simple, and reliable.


Client Testimonials

“The SSDS and Valve System Ever Extruder has provided our plant has greatly improved the flexibility of the extrusion process!   From the standpoint of control, the “on-the-fly” adjustment allows us to fine tune the products we make with the extruder running, and helps us deal with inconsistencies in raw ingredients.  It also has resulted in less down time that used to occur when we had to add or removed plugs from the die to hit densities.  In regards to the safety details, the operators love being able to relieve steam and pressure from behind the die before they remove it.”


20 years of experience designing and manufacturing revolutionary extruder technologies.  Our team of design engineers was tasked with creating a new revolutionary design for cutting blades and die assemblies, back in 1997.  Out of that research, our patented quick change Hubs, Cutters and Dies, and Sanitary Seal Systems have helped our customers see real improvements in productivity, uptime and sanitation.




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