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Ever Extruders Precise Stabilization System.

Our Stabilization System incorporates alignment along with support and treated screws to elevate performance. Ever Extruder Alignment and Stabilization Systems deliver Increased productivity Through the Whole Extrusion Process.  Starting with our Star Laser alignment and the Ever Extruder shaft support and carriage systems, Everextruder can help your system increase productivity and uptime.  Ever Extruder also offers our PATENTED Carbide Protected Screws, to further extend the life and productivity of your system.

The Ever Extruder Shaft Support

will bring unprecedented reliability and uptime to your system.

Tungsten Carbide Screw Protection

hardware.  The Ever Extruder screw is  treated with our patented Tungsten Carbide wear proofing for greater life and wear resistance.

Diamond-Hard-Carbide Wear Protection

Precise Alignment


Finally the Ever Extruder Carriage System maintains precise alignment throughout the extrusion process.


Step 1

Star-Laser Alignment

Establishes perfectly-aligned position of the extruder shaft, barrels, and gear box Increases rates and screw wear life. Reduce surging, downtime, maintenance.


Step 2

Ever Extruder Shaft Support

Holds shaft in aligned position just behind die plate.

Discharge end location allows easy inspection and adjustment


Step 3

Diamond-Hard-Carbide Protected Screws

Deliver up to 10 times the performance compared to steel screws.

Measure wear-life in years versus months!


Step 4

Ever Extruder Carriage System

Maintains precision extruder alignment during production and service. Reduces thermal growth stresses on bearing housings/gearbox.

 Upgrade existing Wenger®/Extru-Tech machines.

Ever Extruder Pit Crew installations make the process easy!


“Experience high precision and superior wear performance while reducing downtime”

Adjustable shaft support located behind plate.

Maintains Laser aligned Carriage System.

Maintain critical gap between screws and liners to prevent surging and gain optimum performance.

Upgrade existing equipment and increase plant productivity and output rate.


Client Testimonials

“With the addition of the “Dual Head System” to our X-185 extruder, our plant has much better flexibility, and die changes have gone from 30 minutes each to less than 5 (because of our upstream bottlenecks).  The operators really like the ease of use, and the improved safety features of the system.  We have even increased our production rates on some products from 175 PPM (pounds per minute) to 310 PPM!  The flexibility of adding shear options, and being able to maintain product temperature has allowed us to get product to spec faster - - reducing scrap.”


20 years of experience designing and manufacturing revolutionary extruder technologies.  Our team of design engineers was tasked with creating a new revolutionary design for cutting blades and die assemblies, back in 1997.  Out of that research, our patented quick change Hubs, Cutters and Dies, and Sanitary Seal Systems have helped our customers see real improvements in productivity, uptime and sanitation.




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