Ever Extruder Hub and Cutting System



Our solution to the OEM cutting system: a one-bolt, fixed blade system for quick and uniform installation.

  • Improved product quality, less fines and tails 

  • Double-sided and ability to be sharpened 

  • Increased lifetime of blades, longer production runs 


“Thank you for the delivery of the 5 self-tensioning hubs. I expected changes to our extruder room to be difficult, but all of our operators and users like the system – making the transition easy. We will continue to send you our standard Die Holder/Die Post assemblies for modification. We are also looking forward to implementing your carbide die plates for our highest run products.”

Ever Extruder Cutting System - Client Testimonial


Days of Production 

Ever Extruder Cutters - Change Takes Seconds


Most extruders are compatible for the Cutting System. This system is mounted in the same position as the current cutting system and will not add overall length to the extruder. Cutting systems are used on single screw and twin screw extruders from Wenger, ExtruTech, Buhler, Clextral, and Andritz.

Ever Extruder blades are easily sharpened locally by following the instructions provided by Ever Extruder. If you prefer, you can send the blades directly to the Ever Extruder Facility or participating partners for sharpening.

Both sides of the Ever Extruder cutters can be sharpened up to three times in their effective lifetime. This gives the Ever Extruder cutters a total of eight usable sides for up to 16,000 hours.

Ever Extruder cutters range from 2 to 30 blades. We recommend you start with a blade count similar to your current cutting system and try a higher blade count and lower cutter motor speed to increase life and improve product quality.

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