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Ever Extruder is a unique supplier of high-performance, high-capacity single screw extruder equipment, specializing in after-market retrofits and complete extruder systems for producing pet food and aquatic feeds.

With over 20 years of experience, our design, manufacturing, and installation team leads the industry with unrivaled performance and technical innovation. We utilize super-wear resistant materials targeted to substantially reduce energy consumption and operational costs. Ever Extruder’s advanced technology ensures sanitation and is designed for operational consistency with a user-friendly interface. Ever Extruder optimizes designs, materials, and components for high-performance, top-quality production, extended wear life, and low maintenance.
Ever Extruder offers performance upgrades for Wenger, Extrutech, Andritz, Buhler, and Clextral machines and new high-production single screw extruders featuring the advanced Ever Extruder technology improvements.

Ever Extruder - sustainability in the cycle of feed and food products



Ever Extruder understands the importance of sustainability in the full cycle of food and feed products. Ever Extruder plays its part by focusing on saving energy and reducing production costs through our innovative designs and materials in the extrusion process. Our custom solutions add value and efficiency to existing extrusion operations and our innovative wear parts reduce downtime, maintenance, and inventory needs.


Ever Extruder is a team of engineers, technicians and food processing experts from around the world. Pushing the industry forward, Ever Extruder fuses hardware innovation with process improvements and nutrition to optimize the food and feed industry.

We focus on high-quality solutions to increase processing efficiency, production uptime, and improve product quality while reducing the overall carbon footprint of extruded foods and feeds. We are Ever Extruder.

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